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The Rivers

Afon Dwyryd The Cambrian Angling association has four Salmon and Sea Trout rivers, The Dwyryd, The Teigl, The Cynfal and The Goedol.
The only one suitable for fly fishing is the Dwyryd, as the others lie in tree lined steep sided valleys, but they can be fished with worm or spinner.
The rivers usually fish best towards the end of the season, with the exeption of the Dwyryd, this usually has a early run of Sea Trout, (fairly small fish, between 1lb and 3lb, similar to The Glaslyn River, that it shares its estuary with), night fishing as early as mid April can see a few of these on the bank.
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Sadly the Salmon Fishing has declined on the Cambrian's waters in recent years, as on many other British Rivers, but a few are still caught by the more dedicated fishermen amongst us.
For those that are new to Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing, Hugh Falkus' books, Salmon Fishing and Sea Trout Fishing are still considered to be the best guides ever written on the subject. 
Anyone fishing the Rivers Goedol, Dwyryd, The Teigl, downstream from Llyn Scouts and the Cynfal from Talybont Bridge upstream to the waterfall, must hold a Migratory Fish Rod Licence after the 1st of July.